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All my Angora goats trace their pedigrees back to the first 500 Angora goats registered with the Goat Breed Society of Australia, as described in the History section.   This is a very rare strain of Angora goat now, as there are only a couple of registered breeders, apart from myself who continue to breed this wonderful Angora goat. The latest update December 2010.  There are now several new enthusiastic breeders of this delightful animal

From August 2002 both the White and Coloured Angora goats are listed with Rare Breeds Trust of Australia and are now known as Australian Heritage Angora Goats.

They are hardy with good size.  My does measure 25 to 27 inches (64 to 67 cm) at the shoulder and bucks are 2 to 3 inches (5 to 7.5 cm) taller.  They have high fertility with a good twinning rate, also good milking ability, giving the kids a great start in life.  They have a quiet temperament and good conformation. Their fleece is superb, soft, silky and lustrous.

Also they don't have the problems that the imported breeds suffer from.  Mine don't get water belly & they don't get foot scald.  They don't need to be wigged, as they only have light head cover and can still see where they are going.  I don't have problems with fly strike either as  they don't need crutching... I might just add here that a light crutch under the tail will help stop urine stain.

To me they are the ideal easy care Angora goat

Preview my book on goats below. Whilst it is specific on Heritage Australian Angora Goats, many of the principles will apply to other goat breeds.  

You can now purchase it as an eBook in iPad format. Alternatively you can purchase a regular book directly from the publisher, or I have a limited number available that you can purchase directly from me.   These limited copies are printed on premium glossy paper at a price of $32 plus $3.80 for postage anywhere in Australia.  Overseas buyers will pay a little more for shipping. You can pay using PayPal or direct deposit.  Please contact me for details  My email address is: mohair@alphalink.com.au. 

Australian Heritage Angora Goats by Valerie Donald | Make Your Own Book