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Below are three knitting patterns, a beret, a scarf and a sweater  Scroll down to view.
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Child's Beanie

Ladies Mohair Cardigan

Sleeveless vest in Hand-spun Wool

Hand-spun Wool Jumper

Man's Mohair Jumper

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hand-knitted mohair beret

Hand-knitted Mohair Beret

Size: Lady 56cm. Man 59cm.
Materials: 80 grms Handspun Croajingolong Mohair.
Needles: No.4.5mm. No.6.5mm.
Quantity of yarn could vary as handspun yarn varies.

Using 4.5mm.needles cast on 90 (98) stitches. Knit 5cm. in K1 P1 rib.  Change to 6.5mm.needles and knit in stocking stitch till work measures 12cm from beginning.

Shape crown:  1st row- K1 * K2 together K9 (K10) Repeat from * to last stitch, K1.
2nd and every alternate, purl
3rd row - K1 * K2 together K8 (9).  Repeat from * to end of row.
5th row - K1 * K2 together K7 (8).  Repeat from * to end of row.
Continue in this manner, decreasing one stitch less betwee each decrease until 26 stitches remain.  Next row P2 together 13 times.  Break off yarn, run end through stitches, draw up tightly and fasten off securely.  Sew up seam with back stitch.  If desired finish top with a pom pom. 

Designed by Valerie Donald


hand-knitted mohair scarf

Hand-knitted Lacy Mohair Scarf

Size: 30cm. (12in.) by 148cm. (58in.)
Materials: 100 grms. Hand-spun Croajingolong Mohair.
Needles: No. 9mm.
Quantities of yarn could vary as handspun yarn varies.

Cast on 40 stitches and repeat the following pattern row to the required length.
*K1 yarn round needle K2 together.  repeat from * to last stitch, K1. 

Designed by Valerie Donald.

hand-knitted mohair sweater

Mohair Sweater with Rolled Neck

Size: to suit 86/91 cm. (34/36in.) bust  .Length 63cm. (25in.).  Sleeve length 43/46cm. (17/18in)
Materials: 450grms. Hand-spun Croajingolong Mohair.
Needles: No. 4.5mm. No. 6.5mm. and 1 set No. 4.5mm.
Tension: 14 sts. = 10cm.
Quantity of yarn could vary as hand-spun yarn varies 

Back:  With 4.5mm. needles, cast on 72/76 stitches.  Work 7cm. in K1 P1 rib.  Change to no. 6.5mm. needles and knit 40cm. in stocking stitch.  Shape armhole by casting off 5 sts. at beginning of next 2 rows then 1 stitch each end of following alternate rows 58/62 stitches. Knit until armhole measures 21cm.
Shape neck:  Knit 14/18 sts.  Put the next 24 sts. on hold.  Purl back on the 14/18 sts.  Decrease by 1 st. at neck edge twice on alternate rows.  Shape shoulder by knitting to last 7 sts. from armhole edge, turn and purl back, then knit to last 14sts.  Turn and purl back.  Cast off.  Repeat for other shoulder.

Front:  Work the same as for back to completion of armhole shaping.  Knit until armhole measurement is 13cm.
Shape front neck by putting 8 sts. on hold at centre front.  Decrease by 8 sts. at neck edge.  Row 1 decrease by 2 sts.  Every alternate row no decrease.  Row 3 decrease by 2 sts.  Rows 5,7 9 and 11 decrease by 1 st.  Knit without any more decreases till same measurement as back and including the shoulder shaping as well.  Repeat for other side of neck. 

Sleeves: With 4.5mm. needles cast on 39 sts.  Work 7 cm. in K1 P1 rib.  Change to 6.5mm needles and increase by 1 st. each side of sleeve every 4th row 6 times, then every 6th row 6 times (63sts.).  Knit until sleeve measures 43/46 cm.
Shape armhole by decreasing 3sts each row 6 times, then decrease by 6 sts. each row twice.  Cast off last 21 sts.

To Make Up: Neck band.  Sew both shoulder seams together.  With a set of 4.5mm. needles and beginning at left shoulder seam, pick up 28 sts. then the 8 sts. which were on hold at centre front, pick up 28 sts. to right shoulder seam, 34 sts across back of neck.  Knit in stocking stitch for 5 cm.  Cast off.  Sew up side seams.  sew up seams of sleeves to within 3 cm. of shaping.  This 3 cm. forms part of armhole.  Sew in sleeves.  Lightly steam press.

Designed by Valerie Donald

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