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man's mohair jumper

Size: 107/112 cm. (42/44 in.) chest;Length from shoulder 67cm. (26.5 in.)Sleeve seam: 54cm(21in) Materials: 650 grms. Hand-spun Croajingolong Mohair.Needles: No. 4.5mm. No 6.5mm. and 1 set No. 4.5mm.

Tension: 14sts. = 10 cm

Quantity of yarn could vary as hand-spun yarn varies

Pattern: K8, P8, repeat to end of row. Repeat this row 5 times. Next row, P8, K8, repeat to end of row. Repeat this row 5 times. These 10 rows form the pattern.


Back:With 4.5 mm. Needles cast on 96sts.K2 P2 for 10cm. Change to no. 6.5 mm. Needles and knit in pattern till work measures 65cm.Shape for back neck: Knit 36 sts. Place next 24 sts on hold. Decrease at neck edge every second row twice (34 sts), cast off. Repeat for other side.


Work same as back for 57cm. Shape for front neck. With 12 sts. on hold at centre front, decrease by one stitch every second row at neck edge 8 times (34 sts.). Then knit in pattern to shoulder to match measurement of back. Repeat for other side of neck.


With 4.5mm needles cast on 46 sts. K2 P2 rib for 9cm. Increasing by 1 st. each end of last row. Change to 6.5mm needles and working in pattern increase every 4th row 16 times (80sts.) Knit in pattern till work measures 54cm. or length desired. Cast off.

Neck Band.

Sew shoulder seams together. With a set of 4.5mm. needles pick up 37sts left side front neck, then the 12 sts. on hold then pick up 37 sts right front neck. Pick up 5 sts. right back neck then the 24 sts. on hold then pick up 5 sts. left front neck. Knit band in K2 P2 rib for 4cm. cast off.

Making up.

Set in sleeves using a back stitch seam, matching centre of cast-off edge of sleeve to shoulder seam. Back stitch side and sleeve seams.

This jumper won the mohair section at the Gippsland Wool & Fibre Awards 2002

 Designed by Valerie Donald

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