Felting Mohair

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beginning felting

This is how I felt mohair for making my teddy bears. Bubble wrap is laid with bubbles down over a plastic rubbish bag .  A piece of cotton muslin is laid over the top of this.

laying out mohair for felt

Then add layers of carded mohair till it looks nice and even.  Fill up a 1 litre jug with hot water and plenty of Lux flakes to make it very soapy.  Wearing rubber gloves, sprinkle this mixture over the mohair to make it quite wet.  Pat it with your hand as you go to get rid of air bubbles, then rub in a circular motion till it is nice and smooth.  If there are any weak spots add some more mohair. This piece measures 25" x 13" and I used 3/4 a litre of the soapy mixture.

rolling mohair

Now roll it up.  It is a sort of a lift and roll so as you don't put any creases in it as you roll.  Tie with a couple of strings.  Now roll it up in a hand towel and tie this also, then roll it backwards and forwards with your hands 100 times, moving your hands along the roll as you go.  Unroll it, smooth it out again,then roll up from the other side.  Roll again as before 100 times.  Unroll it then wash in cold water till all soap is washed out.  

mohair felt

Squeeze out as much water as you can then lay it flat on a towel, smoothing it out again, then leave to dry.

felted mohair teddy bear

This is one of the teddies I have made from this felt. Don't brush up the felt till you have finished making your teddy

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