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In the Croajingolong Donkey Stud, I have 2 jennies and one jack

I had an unwelcome visit from a German Shepherd dog a few years ago that thought it would be good fun to chase my goats

He had a change of heart when the jack decided to attack him, so the tables were turned.  If you have never heard a jack scream when he is after a dog you are really missing something.  It is quite terrifying. The dog thought so too and rapidly changed his mind on what he intended to do in the first place.

Occasionally the donkeys will chase the goats too but it's only a half hearted attempt and the goats soon learn to get out of the way.

Don't put small animals in with a newly kidded jenny as they are very protective & will attempt to kill anything that goes too close to their little darling.

Donkeys are very clean animals and don't like to dirty up their paddock. They have a roll patch, a dung pile and a piddle patch.  They all go to the same dung pile and all use the same piddle patch.  Some new photos are shown below.

I had a horse in one of my paddocks a while back and it was then that I realised how clean donkeys are as there were little dung piles all over the paddock.  It looked terrible and I had to go round with the trailer to pick it all up.

Scroll down to see some of my photos.



Croajingolong Conchita

2 years

Sophie showing Pedro the correct spot to use

The three photos on the left show the donkeys at their piddle patch.

Pedro was a quick learner as he was spot on, but Conchita shown in the photo below was a bit off centre

Conchita having her hooves trimmed

foal jumping it's Mum

One of Sophie's foals jumps over her as she is having a roll.

riding a donkey

This is my grand-daughter riding Mickie

newborn foal

This is little Eve with her Mum Sophie

donkey in cart

This is Mickie again, the very first time in the cart.  He is pretty exhausted in this photo as he had just pulled me up a steep hill.


This is Fidget with her friend the ram.


Mickie again in cart

Mickie as a 5 year old and much more confidant and happier pulling the cart

This is Lulu at 6 months old.  

Mickie having a good yawn. Fidget to the left at the back and then Eve all grown up.