Doll's Hair

I sell on Ebay in the Doll Making & Repair section.  My id with Ebay is weavingdixie

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I sell in 28grm (1oz) packets

 This is some of the feedback I have received about my mohair.

"Your mohair is so beautiful and so good to work with. I love it."

US customer "I have not found any mohair in the US that even compares to yours.  I absolutely love it."

"Mohair arrived today and it is the most beautiful mohair I have bought"

"I just wanted to let you know this is the BEST mohair.  Besides being so soft and silky, it roots easily and beautifully"

"This mohair is absolutely fantastic and I will be recommending it to all the doll groups I belong to. It's so easy to work with and naturally curls.  Looks so real."

UK customer "Just letting you know the mohair you sent is absolutely fantastic.  I have never had mohair this good before and I am over the moon with it."

Below are some of the colours I have dyed.  

This is my new range of colours.

Page updated 10th March 2008



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black brown kid 1st shearing

Black- Brown Kid


strawberry blonde kid 1st shearing

Strawberry Blonde Kid



auburn kid 1st shearing

Auburn Kid

blonde kid 1st shearing

Blonde Kid

golden brown kid 1st shearing

Golden Brown Kid

brown 3rd shearing

Brown 3rd Shearing

honey blonde 3rd shearing

Honey Blonde 3rd Shearing

walnut 3rd shearing

Walnut 3rd Shearing

dk choc brown 3rd shearing

Dark Chocolate Brown 3rd Shearing

 ginger 3rd shearing

Ginger 3rd Shearing


mid brown 3rd shearing

Mid Brown 3rd Shearing

black winter shearing

Black Winter Shearing

dirty blonde 3rd shearing

Dirty Blonde 3rd Shearing

golden blonde 3rd shearing

Golden Blonde 3rd Shearing



The colours above are in a third shearing.  Left to right: Brown, Honey Blonde. Walnut, Dark Chocolate Brown, Ginger, Mid Brown, Black, Dirty Blonde, Golden Blonde.

The colours above are in a first clip kid. Left to right: Auburn, Black- Brown, Strawberry Blonde, Golden Brown, Blonde