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I am a newcomer to Dorper sheep breeding. I like the idea that they are easy care apart from the usual drenching and hoof trimming if needed.

I bought my first lot of three unregistered ewes in November 2010 and a nine year old registered ram which I was able to buy a bit cheaper. Considering the price for quality rams I think I got a bargain.  He has proved to be very fertile and I have some lovely lambs by him.

In November 2011 I bought 2 registered ewes from Crawlers Gully dorper stud in Captain's Flat

Then in February 2011 I bought three older ewes in lamb from Gzone Dorper stud at Milton.

The breeding from these two studs is Dell, Springvale, Amarula, Kaya and Tien Jordan.  So I think I have some quite good breeding in my dorpers.

My ram who I call Rambo is from Will Daan stud, bred by M Williams and J Jordaan.  He was an embryo transplant.

 So I started with eight ewes and now which is October 2011 and counting the lambs I have nineteen altogether, they have certainly multiplied quickly.

I think these Dorpers are just the thing for hobby farmers. The fact that they don't have to be shorn is a plus, but you do have to get used to them being a bit scruffy. Mine still have a bit of fleece along the back line.  Some more so than others. Everywhere else it is nice and bare.  That little bit along the back would help keep them warm anyway.

If you have wooly sheep it is very hard to find a shearer to do just a few animals. So if you want to grow your own meat, Dorpers are the way to go.

Another plus with the Dorpers  is that the rams are so lovely and quiet.  No aggression at all.  Not with mine anyway.. I've had wooly sheep before and had to keep a wary eye for the ram as he was quite aggressive

It is June 2012 now and I have had five new lambs, four ram lambs and only one ewe lamb. a pity I didn't get more ewe lambs. I've got my fingers crossed for the next lot.. I'll put some photos up shortly.