Sorry, I no longer have donkeys for sale.

 I am no longer breeding donkeys and will not have any for sale in the future.  Below are some of the donkeys I have had for sale in the past.

 Croajingolong Conchita

Conchita has lovely conformation and is part english. She is the mother of Picasso, who has recently been sold.  This photo was taken in march 2014.

Croajingolong Picasso - SOLD in 2014.  

He was born on 10/10/2013 and will grow to approx 10h.

Donkey foal for sale

This photo was taken not long after he was born.

Donkey for Sale

SOLD - donkey jack foal Croajingolong Maris. He will grow to about 10h. He was born 14/3/12

 Donkey For Sale


SOLD - Mickie has now been sold to the Collingwood Children's Farm


He was born on 28/9/96

He is 10hh approx.

The photo below was taken on 26/9/10

There are more photos of him on the donkeys page.

SOLD - Match Box at one day old with his Mum Fidget.  He was born on 27th Feb 2008


Below are some photos of Eve who was sold some time ago



Eve Dec 05 (3).jpg

Eve Dec 05 (4).jpg

Eve's leading lesson.jpg

Eve's right side.jpg


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