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 Angora goats and donkeys are my favourite animals.   I have been breeding Australian Angora goats since 1977.  I breed the rarest strain of Angora goat as you will read about in the Angora Goat History and Angora goat sections.  As of August 2002 the Angoras I breed, are now listed with the Rare Breeds Trust of Australia as being critically endangered and are now known as Australian Heritage Angora goats.

Spinning, knitting and weaving are my favourite pastimes and when I get time I like to felt the mohair and make teddy bears.  Check out the felting page.  It is very easy to do.

Recently doll makers have discovered my mohair and I have had some wonderful feedback about the quality of the mohair.  I am not a doll maker but apparently my mohair is much easier to work with than other types.  I sell regularly to doll makers in USA, UK, Germany, Canada,  Finland, Holland, France and all over Australia.

I live at Orbost in East Gippsland, Victoria, Australia and can be contacted by

phone: (03) 5154 1221

or email:


Preview my book on goats below. Whilst it is specific on Heritage Australian Angora Goats, many of the principles will apply to other goat breeds. 

You can now purchase it as an eBook which is in iPad format. Alternatively you can purchase a regular book directly from the publisher, or I have a limited number available that you can purchase directly from me.   These limited copies are $32 plus $3.80 for postage anywhere in Australia.  Overseas buyers will pay a little more for shipping. You can pay using PayPal or direct deposit. Please contact me for details  My email address is:

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